About 10 000 000 000 000 cells (0.34 century)

My Skills

Web Project management, SEO, user experience, ergonomy, content marketing, Web Analytics, Website architecture and creation, 3dx Max, Web design & Blender...

My Experience

Since 2019 - Freelance in a web agency, I have been working for a web hosting company and then in a Webmarketing agency. I am working now for two Tech Based websites:

My Studies in

2018 to 2021 - I started in a Web Developer Workshop for 2 years and then I learn Frontend and 3D modeling for 2 more years where I got a Certification in Web developer and vfx artist.

That's incredible what you can learn in books

This is a few books recommendations that really improved my knowledge about the Web, SEO, UX... Just have a look if you're interested in improving your skills...

My references

Here is a some of websites on which i worked that "truly" deserve a SEO optimised anchor text. They are current or former websites I was working for as well as interesting ones...

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